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China Compulsory Certification

    For protect security of consumer, animals, plants, eviornment and national, the Chinese Government released China Compulsory Certification according to WTO related agreements. Chinese govornment department announced a catalog of products requiring China Compulsory Certification, and defines applicable national standards, technology regulations and operational procedures, using unifed sign and charge standard. Those products, not only Chinese manufactured products but also foreign imported products, in the CCC catalog should be qualified and certificated by authorized certification body, and can not reach the market before getting related certificates and certification marks.

    The catalog of China Compulsory Certification covers 157 varieties, such as cables and cords, circuit switches and appliances for protection or connection, low-voltage electric appliances, low-power electric motors, electric tools, electric welders, household and similar equipment, audio and vedio equipment, IT equipment, lighting electric appliance, motor vehicles and safety accessories, motor vehicle tires, safety glass, agricultural machinery products, telecommunication terminal equipment, fire products, security and protection products, decoration products, children articles and etc.

    The CCC mark includes four types:



the CCC  Product Safety Mark

the CCC EMC Mark



the CCC Safety & EMC Mark

the CCC Fire Product Mark

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